Among the projects created and coordinated by Blasio International Law Firm, an interesting one concerns the “Cenacolo dei Cinquecento”.
This initiative originates from the need to realize a cultural and interdisciplinary exchange between the most active and carefully selected members of different national and international branches of society and culture , including professionals of various disciplines, academics exponents, businessmen and institutional personalities.
The cohesion among these persons is based on spontaneous interpersonal relationships, where friendship and mutual esteem are the joining matrix, as well as the willingness to exchange experiences and ideas with reference to projects and initiatives to be developed at national and international level.
A “virtual notice-board”, accessible online through a user name and password, available for all its members , provides information and news about projects and business/professional initiatives.
It is easily deducible the added value gained by each proposed project in relation to the fact that the same is submitted to a qualified audience and enlarged to at least five hundred people.
Members wishing to participate to a meeting , in order to acquire knowledge on the specific subject or, where appropriate, to develop possible operational synergies, can easily register by writing to
There are neither statute, rules of associative kind, nor official participants lists in the "Cenacolo dei Cinquecento."
The frequency of meetings is periodical, by an invitation to a business dinner, sent by Studio Blasio to interested personalities.
During these occasions, projects submitted by the interested members will be handled and, as appropriate, briefly discussed, in order to decide operational and interprofessional synergies.
Obviously, the participation to the initiatives and events mentioned in this document do not imply any financial burden by the guests.
It is important to point out the transversal profile of this project and its absolute political neutrality.
An online operating platform system has been created, suitable with the operations of the project.
One of the institutional Partners is an important American lobbying company: “Fabiani & Company” (, 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 700, Washington DC 20004).

Per proporre nuovi progetti o proporre sinergie con progetti preesistenti, inviare una e-mail all'indirizzo contenente lo schema del progetto o la proposta di sinergia dettagliata.

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