Mr. Bernardo Blasio
After obtaining his university degree in law in Rome and having passed the professional practice examination for lawyer, he started his training as an associate in the renowed “Carnelutti” Law Firm in Italy .
Consequently he decided to gain international exposure and experience and worked first in the UK and then in the american Law Firm "Tobin & Tobin ", in San Francisco.
In 1983 he founded the " Blasio International Law Firm," presently a reliable and dynamic point of reference in national and international legal advice.
In 1995 he founded the "Italian Chamber of Arbitration," a leader organization in its sector in Italy, which he still presides , mainly engaged in national and international arbitrations and mediations.
He was personal advisor of some Presidents of foreign Countries (such as General Gnassingbe Eyadema, President of Togo Republic) and offered legal advice and strategic activities in favour of several multinational companies.
In Italy he was President, of various construction consortiums (Environnement Consortium of Rome , Rome Capital Consortium, Consortium for the Development of the Port Nautical Tourism in the Liguria Region).
He was in charge as General Manager of "Medea Cinema and Fiction International Productions."
He has been appointed, and still holds the position of General Consul of the Islamic Republic called Union of Comoros.
He has founded and is currently the coordinator of the " Five Hundred Cenacle ", the first International Business Network in Italy with national and international field of operations.
Currently he is mainly dealing with international law, contracts and arbitration.

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