Blasio International Law Firm was founded in 1983 with the main purpose of granting, the highest standards of competence, efficiency and professionalism in both national and international law .
Its founder and current owner of the Law Firm, is Mr. Bernardo Blasio, who, after a period of international education in the United Kingdom and United States, decided to put his experience at service of selected clients who may need legal assistance.
Passing of years, the Law Firm has expanded, by opening corresponding offices in many foreign Countries.
Currently the Law Firm represents a point of reference in Italy and abroad for professional excellence and integrated assistance in the field of civil and commercial law, drawing up of contracts, planning of international transactions and arbitrations.

Via Archimede 116, 00197 Roma
Tel. +39 06 80687286 / Fax +39 06 8074979
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